DBadmin is a GUI program to adminsitrate RDBMSes.
It is being written on perl using DBI, GTK and Glade.
General ablilties:
  1. Connection to several databases at one time
  2. Executing SQL queries from queryset - complete (? - may be there are still few bugs)
  3. Exploring database with database explorer - works in progress
P.S. send e-mail suggestions and bugs descriptions to email: Olenin Vladimir (vahvarh@rbcmail.ru)

Latest news
2001-07-21 - Release 0.31

Second public release

  1. Added window to fill-in bind parameters (only '?' type works, which are given to $sth->execute(..)).
  2. Bind parameters are stored in hash for re-using.
  3. Added first version of table editor (which does not work ;) ).
  4. Some DB::* improvements.
  5. Fixed sequences problem in explorer.
  1. Table editor - had to find idea to make it work.
2001-07-10 - Release 0.3

First public release of dbadmin

  1. Multiple databases connection.
  2. Able to execute queries (w/o binded values)
  3. Able (partly) to explore databases mysql, Oracle, Pg - DBD::* programmers needed !
  4. Able to delete tables, indexes and views.
  5. Reopen old connection.
  6. Preferences (half of them does not work ;) ).
  1. Was not able to delete a sequence.

Requirements Download Version
Unix platform Everyone has that ? ;) It depends
X11R6 http://www.xfree86.org 3.3 I think
Perl http://www.perl.org v 5.005 or greater
GTK http://www.gtk.org I have 1.2.8, don't know if it works on lower
Gnome http://www.gnome.org No idea
Gtk-Perl http://www.CPAN.org v 0.7004 I think
Gnome-Perl Downloadable with Gtk-Perl Same as Gtk-Perl
Glade-Perl http://www.CPAN.org I have 0.57, don't know if it works on lower
DBI http://www.CPAN.org Any which works
DBD modules for RDBMS connectivity http://www.CPAN.org Any which works